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THCC’s International Development Partner

Meet one of the THCC partners!  Cuso International is a development organization which works to reduce poverty and inequality through the efforts of highly skilled volunteers and collaborative partnerships. www.cusointernational.org

 Amaze Yourself

See Latin America, and yourself, in a different light. Volunteer and unpack your passion and potential while positively impacting the lives of people around you, even after your stay. Join Cuso International and get to work on projects specifically designed to help people and communities thrive.

With your costs covered, it’s an opportunity to push your potential and Amaze Yourself! Link: https://curawebservices.mindscope.com/CUSOIN04387_CURA/Aspx/jobsearch.aspx

 Women’s Rights In Peru

For the last six months, Cuso International volunteer Tania Guilbert has been running a volunteer program for the Manuela Ramos Movement, a feminist organization promoting gender equality and working to advance women’s rights in Peru. Her mandate is to create and manage a volunteer program designed to encourage young women to step forward, reach into their creativity and make sure they are heard.




Volunteering in Bolivia

Have you ever thought about volunteering in Bolivia? Here is what it looks like: