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Minutes of AGM 2016

July 6th, 2016  Toronto, Ontario.

Annual General Meeting 2016

Toronto Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (THCC)

Board members present:

Monica Linares

Guillermo Cruz – Chairman

Cristina Flores

Eliza Hajducek

Richard Morales

Mauricio Jimenez

Gustavo Abello (absent)


Item 1 Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 5:31 pm by Chair, Guillermo Cruz and approval of Agenda by Members

Item 2 Establishment of Quorum

Establishment of Quorum, quorum shall be fifty-one (51) percent of the relevant voting attendees, all members present but one are voting members.

  • Motion passed by general consent and THCC members present.

Item 3  Approval of Agenda

 Motion by Richard Morales that the Agenda be approved as shown and given to , seconded by Elena Hara, 9 in favour one abstained and one in contract.

Motion PASSED.

Item 4 Adoption of Minutes of 2015 AGM

Minutes were read by Guillermo in favour of all participants that didn’t have time to read them.

Motion by Carlos Paz Soldan to approve the agenda seconded by Eduardo Harari.

One member abstained.


Item 5 Chair Report and Order of AGM

Guillermo Cruz welcomed and explained the goals and status of the THCC.  Discussion of bylaw of changes and reasons why the changes are positive to the organization.  Continuity of director’s is important to the chamber to avoid changes to the entire Board of Directors (BODs) at one shot, like it happened in the previous year.  The changes will ensure that the programing and planning of goals can be executed.

Item 6 Financial Report

Financial Report by Monica Linares presented on behalf of our Treasurer Gustavo Abello who was out of town and could not be present.

Change the title of expenses from uncategorized expenses or move them to the miscellaneous.

Motion by Elena Hara to approve the Financial Report seconded By Eduardo Harari.


Item 7: President’s Work Plan 2015

Presented the results of the last year’s social media campaign.

Discussion about the events conducted in the last year, these events included networking, workshops, British Chamber of Commerce, and other events including TV Magazine.

Camacol is the Latin Chamber of Commerce of USA (Camara de Comercio Latina EEUU).

Vision Awards 2016: presentation of this year’s awards.

TLN and Univision partnership presentation;

Presentation of alliances with other organizations such CAMSC, Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan.

Increase the membership base is one of our goals.    69 active members.


Social Procurement – >

Motion to approve by Mauricio the President’s Report seconded by Cristina Flores


 Item 8 Approval of ByLaw Changes

Motion to change Item V Section 1 seconded by Eduardo Harari.


Motion to change Item V Section 2, (change the last sentence in the last paragraph for the “balance of the term”) Seconded by Adolfo Garces, all in favour:

2 abstained.


Item 9 Closing of the meeting.