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Business Membership

Professional Membership

Student Membership

New member announcement via email, newsletter Yes  Yes Yes
Networking & other Board events; advertising
in Board platforms; facility rentals & more
Yes  Yes Yes
Member Workshop participation

  • If you have an idea about a presentation at a special event we can present it at one of our events
Yes  Yes Yes
Partnership Benefits (click here to see the benefits) Yes  Yes Yes
Access to thought leadership

  • Meet visionaries at special meetings and events to engage and learn their success stories and more.
  • Speaker series : free access to members
Yes  Yes Yes
Subscription to Bulletin Board, the member newsletter

  • Provide an article about your business and innovations (3 times per year-400 words max or one image/video)
Yes  Yes Yes
New member welcome via Social Media – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Yes  Yes Yes
Social media promotion links (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)

  • If you have an event or promotion you can send it to us and we will promote it.
Yes  Yes
Sponsorship opportunities

  • Obtain a special package to be exposed at our events.
Yes  Yes
Member Marketplace offers

  • Free space to offer/sell services and products. (In Progress)
Yes  Yes
Chambers Insurance (click here for more info) Yes  Yes
Logo and link to website Yes  –
Company logo will be randomly featured on the sidebar of the thcc.ca website Yes  –
Celebration of member anniversaries Yes
Obtain Toronto Board of Trade Lounge Benefits Yes
Promotion of your news & events via the Board’s e-newsletters* Yes
VIP & private round tables participation Yes
Dedicated Member Engagement services Yes
Logo placement on the Chamber’s website Yes

New and  Renewals Memberships