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Latin – Hispanic Community Survey

Latin - Hispanic Community Survey

This survey is being conducted in conjunction with Univision Canada, Ryerson University and the University of Toronto in order to collect and analyze data to assist us in the preparation of a community Report.  It is important to understand how the community is composed and the influential levels reachable in many different fields of our society. 

Name (Optional):
What is your preferred method of contact:
What is your Gender
What is your Country of origin?
What is your Place of Residence?
Which category below includes your age:
What is the highest level of education that you have achieved?
What language do you speak
How long have you been in Canada?
What is your migratory status?
What is your professional background?
What is your job role?
What is your Industry Group
How many years operating your business?
What was your household income last year?
Annual sales for your business?
Are you planning to grow in your business in the next years?
If yes, how much are you expecting your growth?
Number of employees?
Are you a Member of the Toronto Hispanic Chamber of Commerce?
Professional memberships
Where do you derive your business income?