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Call for nominations for election to the Board of Directors:

The Toronto Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (THCC) invites its members to become involved in the governance of the THCC by running for election to the THCC Board of Directors or by encouraging fellow THCC members to run by nominating them.

About the Board

The affairs of the Association are managed by a Board of Directors of twelve THCC members. THCC Directors serve for two years terms. The Board is responsible for long and short range planning, setting policy, monitoring operation and ensuring that adequate governing documents are in place and regularly reviewed.

Director Responsibilities

Directors have a fiduciary responsibility and must exercise the duties of their office honestly and in good faith and with the highest degree of care, diligence and skill. Directors are asked to familiarize themselves with the Act and Bylaws; attend regular meetings, serve on committees; attend the Annual General Meeting; stay informed of the Chamber’s activities and programs, uphold confidentiality and provide guidance and leadership in support of THCC’s mandate, goals and initiatives.

Nominating Criteria

Only registered members in good standing are eligible to nominate or be nominated, and to run for a position on the Board of Directors.  The nominations will be reviewed and candidates must be approved by the nomination’s committee of the Chamber.

Deadline for nominations

Nominations must be completed and emailed by August 24th, 2016 to info@thcc.ca

The 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM), open to members of the Toronto Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (THCC), will be held on August 29th  from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm at Metro Hall, 55 John St., Room 309.