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  • Location:Ottawa
  • The Exhibition is open to the public from June 6 to August 31, 2017.
    Human Rights Research and Education Centre
    University of Ottawa | Fauteux Hall, FTX570 | 57 Louis-Pasteur Private

The Human Rights Research and Education Centre is pleased to partner with Cuso International to launch the exhibition:

A View of Nueva Segovia

This photography project was initiated by two Cuso International volunteers, Anne Van Den Bosschelle and Jean Casaubon, in cooperation with several women’s groups in Nicaragua. The pair teamed up with women in remote communities to explore the themes of gender equality, domestic violence and positive masculinities, in conjunction with the NGO FUNDEMUNI, in Ocotal. In addition to the photographs, five of which are presented in this collection, their efforts included self-assertion and empowerment workshops for women living in rural communities. FUNDEMUNI – Cuso International’s partner in the field – works with Indigenous women in Mozonte, a municipality located in the department of Nueva Segovia in northern Nicaragua, to eliminate spousal, sexual and family violence.