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Thursday Jan 25th – THCC Event

Toronto City Hall. 100 Queen Street West. Committee Room 2 

6:00PM -8:30PM

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Carlos Lerma

Carlos Lerma was born in Mexico and Immigrated to Canada in 2010. In Mexico, he worked in the corporate world in firms where the financial aspect was the main source of profit. Once in Canada, he got involved in the financial world working for a Mortgage Broker where he learned all the aspects of the industry. His participation lead to an allocation of more than $100 MDD in mortgage loans through more than 200 deals. He is licensed as Mortgage Broker by FSCO subscribed to DLC. With the goal of providing an excellent customer experience and value added to his clients in financial matters, he became licensed as Life Insurance Agent by FSCO subscribed to PLICC and as a Mutual Fund Dealer accepted by MFDA and CSA subscribed to PFSL Investments Canada LTD.
With the licenses, knowledge and expertise in the financial ecosystem of Canada, Carlos will deliver to his customer the advice that they require to be wealthy and financial independent. Carlos holds a Bachelor in Science from Tecnologico de Monterrey, one of the most prestigious superior education institution in Mexico and Latin America, and a Master in Science from Florida International University, listed in the top positions in several USA rankings.
Inspired in the land of opportunities that Canada provides to his population, Carlos developed the concept of providing a Holistic Financial Service to his clients and that is how Terranova Wealth Management was born.

Michael Fortin

Michael Fortin started his career in a tax firm after finishing his trilingual bachelor in Economics . Working in a tax firm Mr. Fortin develop his knowledge and realized that people needed more than just having their taxes prepared, they needed tax advice.

Mr. Fortin also volunteer in tax clinics for few years to help low-income members of the community prepare their taxes. Mr. Fortin then decided to help more clients with the skills he learned over the years. In 2014 Mr. Fortin founded FORTAX Corp. a Canadian multilingual company that helps taxpayers get the most of their taxes.

FORTAX specializes in any type of taxes, such as student taxes, Self-employed taxes, emigrant and immigrant taxes just to name a few. Mr. Fortin Offers services in French, English, and Spanish.